Global Marine Design embrace our responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner, to reduce our environmental footprint and increase our positive social handprint.

As a specialist designer of aluminium vessels, it is not difficult for our own design office operation to be carbon neutral.  However, the build and operation of the vessels we design will have a considerable environment footprint, which we actively minimise as follows:

  • Our Marine Kit designs make optimum use of aluminium, minimising environmental impact and embodied CO2 resulting from the mining, transport and refining of aluminium.
  • Where available we recommend the use of certified low-carbon aluminium, which can reduce the embodied CO2 content of aluminium by up to 75% when compared to the global average.
  • We design for a balance of efficiency and sea keeping, to minimise vessel fuel consumption across a wide range of conditions.
  • Our team is well versed and encourage the use of electric, hybrid and alternative fuels to reduce a vessels fuel consumption and operational footprint.
  • The vessels we design will last for many years, with the vast majority designed since 1986 still being in operation, reducing reliance on resources for unnecessary new builds.
  • We choose to specialise in aluminium vessels, with the aluminium structure being 100% recyclable at the end of the vessel’s life.

In addition to minimising our environmental footprint, Global Marine Design is also committed to growing our positive social handprint.  As a global company we intend for the world to be a better place with us in it, and to that end we:

  • Engage with local charitable organisations.
  • Provide sponsorship and support to the next generation of designers at the University of Western Australia Motorsport team, for the design of their all electric FSAE race car.
  • Offer work experience opportunities to Western Australian school students interested in Naval Architecture, Engineering or Drafting.
  • Give special pricing for volunteer sea rescue operations and ocean regeneration not-for-profit organisations.

As part of our day-to-day operation, Global Marine Design actively work towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: