Our Global Guarantee

Building a new aluminium vessel can be a high-risk undertaking, particularly if the requirements of the vessel call for it to be custom designed.  We transfer the risk from your shipyard to ourselves and then use our extensive experience in aluminium vessel design to eliminate or mitigate the risk.

This is your shipbuilding project, you must be an active participant, making decisions and giving feedback where required in a timely manner.   You then build the vessel to our exact design and class requirements using good workmanship and a high standard of shipbuilding skill and practice.  

Assuming this is the case, we offer you our guarantee to you as follows:

Our Global Guarantee to You

  1. Fixed Design InvestmentWe guarantee your vessel design investment is fixed price, agreed in writing before we commence. You will not be charged additional design fees for minor alterations that may occur during the design of your Marine Kit.
  2. Class ApprovalWe guarantee, through liaison with your chosen class authority, the Marine Kit design we prepare for you will achieve your selected class design approval, with any necessary drawing amendments being at our own cost.
  3. Cutting On Time – We guarantee the Marine Kit design we prepare for you will be ready to start cutting when we have agreed, assuming no extenuating circumstances, or we will return your design investment at a rate of 1% of the design investment for each day we are late.
  4. Design PerformanceWe guarantee the assembly of our Marine Kit design will be straight forward for your shipyard and that the resulting vessel, when built to our specification, will meet or exceed your brief. If not, we will work tirelessly and at our own cost to rectify any unforeseeable issues.
  5. Unlimited Design SupportWe guarantee truly unlimited design support by phone, email and online meetings for the full duration of the vessel construction. Provided at our cost by the designers who worked on your project.

To our knowledge, our Global Guarantee offers you more peace of mind than any other marine design firm in the world.  Global Marine Design can stand by these guarantees because our proven design system predictably delivers fantastic results for our clients.