Example Kit

Global Marine Design is proud to offer the industry’s most comprehensive marine kits.  Our typical marine kits packages include includes but is not limited to:

  • transverse frames and bulkheads with riders and stiffeners
  • longitudinal stringers, pre-cut where they are curved in the forward section of the hull and supplied as extrusions in the aft end where they are straight
  • keel, skeg, foil keel or keelson if applicable
  • longitudinal girders in hull bottom and deck
  • panting girders and breast hook plates on larger vessels
  • engine girders and beds if inboard engine, transom knees and supports if outboard engine
  • entire shell plating for bottom, sides and deck
  • fuel tank components, built in or free standing
  • vessel spray rails (developed plate components on larger vessel and special extrusion on smaller vessels)
  • above deck bulwark framing and capping, air vents where applicable
  • anchor well/chain locker, more commonly supplied by the builder as welded polyethylene plastic, for ZERO corrosion and low noise from chain rattle
  • the entire superstructure shell and internal components
  • navigation mast material
  • gunwale/fender pipe when rubber is not required
  • all hand grab rails
  • stern tubes (when shaft drive)
  • rudder tubes (when rudder steering)
  • materials for bollards including the insert base plate
  • gussets for all watertight bulkhead longitudinal terminations
  • tripping brackets for frame/ stringer intersection
  •  frame chine and knuckle brackets as required
  • draft mark numbers and load line symbol when required by class
  • recessed anode box components
  • stairs, treads, styles
  • material for all ladders
  • walkway mesh for tank and machinery rooms
  • bow/transom and side fendering structure (if agreed upon during quotation
  • crane, A-frame, winch inserts and bases (if agreed upon during quotation)
  • vessel lifting lugs and inserts (if agreed upon during quotation).

We have 70 components on our design system kitset checklist and 53 items on our kitset extrusions checklist. For every vessel that we produce in kitset form, we cross check all components to ensure that you have a comprehensive package.
Where available we also supply a CD of photos of the same or similar hull from start to finish so that you have your ‘virtual builder’ at your side during construction.
Please note that we supply a materials list for all items in the package, complete with our designer’s material take-off. To note, on average, we supply 20% more than is required from our extrusion take-offs.
For in excess of five years, since introducing this system, we have not had a single claim for extra material.
Drawing Packages
• All Marine Kits® are supplied with a comprehensive set of drawings and building support information
• The builder is supplied with large sized drawing sets for the workshop
• The owner is supplied with a bound set of the vessel drawings.