Marine Kits are very comprehensive, use only marine grade materials and are designed to exceed the requirements of the major design codes, therefore the cost has to be considered with regard to these features.

Experience has shown areas of the vessel structure which require extra special attention and re-enforcement, and all of the Marine KitsĀ® products address these issues.

Also, most of our Marine Kits hulls are bigger than any comparable kits on the market. If you dare to compare, you will find that our hulls have both more freeboard and wider beam for a given length of boat, and heavier material content. These are high volume hulls, designed to perform at sea, cruise at good speeds, whilst carrying an acceptable payload.

However, the real saving is that you can put together your own team and assemble your new vessel in your chosen location, often utilizing reduced labour costs. Combine this with the fact that the pre-kitting of the structure and components has proven to save around 30% of the time to build the same boat by conventional methods.

The expected cost saving on the aluminium construction alone is approximately 150 hours per tonne of material assembled for vessels over 10m. As an example, on a 20 metre monohull, this translates to a labour saving of around 1500 hours for the metal work component.