GMD’s primary product is our branded Marine Kits®. Our Marine Kits are globally recognised and provide an efficient and effective way to build vessels. We combine professional design knowledge with on-water practical experience to deliver advanced vessels, designed for export anywhere in the world. Each Kit is comprised of the hull and superstructure structural aluminium package, with the option of windows and doors to ‘lock-up’ stage.
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In its simplest form, our boat kits include the complete aluminium to build the hull and superstructure, already pre-cut, marked and packed in a flat pack ready for transport.
This allows the builder to begin assembly from the day the kit arrives. As opposed to the conventional method of boat building which requires ‘lofting’ (drawing the frames out full size on the loft floor), the time and cost savings begin immediately. There are no decisions required on the workshop floor as to how best utilize the available material as in ‘conventional’ boat building. The components have already been ‘nested’, onto plate material making optimum usage of the material.
The largest time savings are in the pre-cut frames and stringers. Yes!! the hull stringers are all pre-cut to drop straight into the stringer notches in the frames.
Example Kit
The vessels are then constructed and delivered in a country of choice. Export of the kit is made possible with the vessels’ pre-cut flat pack (complete knock down) form resulting in efficient transport. This innovative concept led to the creation of Marine Kits driving the success of exports.
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We sell flat packed kits and ensure the certification of the aluminium materials by arranging the cutting of the kits ourselves. Along with the quality of router cutting and kitset packing, we guarantee the kit’s precision, consistency and accuracy, providing a better outcome irrespective of where our vessels are built.
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Marine Kits® is a registered trademark of Global Marine Design.