Vessel Type: BV I+HULL Wind Farms Service Ship S1

Global Marine Design’s new 22.6m Wind Farm Service Vessel is the result of innovative design to extend and improve our very successful existing 20m WFSVs 09051-010101

Having constructed over a dozen 20m vessels from GMD’s aluminium Marine Kits, Alicat Workboats of the UK approached GMD to see if it would be possible to breathe new life into their current fleet driven by industry demand fro foredeck cargo. The resulting vessel has a Z-Bow extension of 2.66m which allows for 5 tonnes of foredeck cargo, bringing the deck cargo capacity up to 10 tonnes. The wheelhouse has also been raised and moved aft for greater visibility and operator comfort. The finished vessel is classed by Bureau Veritas and is ready to work internationally.

The new Z-Bow extension gives the vessel increased waterline length, finer entry, higher bow free board and higher tunnel clearance all of which improve on the 20m vessels already excellent performance and sea keeping. As a result of the improved capability and BV class, both the extended ‘TMS Bittern’ and ‘Dalby Yare’ have immediately secured contracts in Germany.

The Z-Bow extension is ready made to fit onto any of our 20m ‘Gardian’ WFSV’s and is a fine example of Global Marine Design’s innovation, precision and performance.

MK 09051BE

Marine Kit Number: MK 09051BE

  • Vessel Specifications
  • Hull Length
    22.66 m
    74' 4"
  • Overall Length
    23.30 m
    76' 5"
  • Waterline Length
    22.58 m
  • Beam
    6.50 m Moulded
  • Draft @ Working Displ.
    1.70 m
    5' 7"
  • Working Displacement
    65.9 Tonnes
    145,250 lb
  • Light Displacement
    50.5 Tonnes
    111,100 lb
  • Deck height above Waterline
    1.50 m
    4' 11"
  • Bow Freeboard at rest
    2.75 m
  • Fuel Capacity
    2 x 4,500 Litres
    2 x 1190 Us. Gal.
  • Engine/s
    2 x Caterpillar C32 1320 HP @ 2100 RPM
  • Total Installed Power
    2 x 977 kW
    2 x 1,320 hp
  • Sprint Speed
    52 km/hr
    28 Knots
  • Cruise Speed
    44 km/hr
    24 Knots
  • Structure
  • Bottom Plates
    6 & 8 mm
    1/4" & 5/16"
  • Side Plates
    5 mm
  • Main Deck Plates
    5 & 6 mm
    3/16" & 1/4"
  • Foredeck Plates
    5 mm
  • Superstructure Plating
    4 mm
  • Nominal Frame Spacing
    600 mm
  • Aluminium Delivery Pack Dimensions
  • Length
  • Breadth
    7' 6"
  • Depth
  • Shipping Weight

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