Vessel Type: NSCV 3C Rock Lobster Fishing

The latest cooperation between Global Marine Design, Fine Entry Marine Aluminium Boat Builders and Oceaneer Marine Brokers has produced the stunning new cray fishing vessel “Opah” for John Servaas and Sons. John was heavily involved in the early design process and the result is a highly functional commercial fishing vessel, which has been constructed to a very high standard by Tim and the team at Fine Entry.

The build required Global Marine Design to develop a whole new rock lobster fishing hull and aluminium Marine Kit. “Opah” features a more upright stem which allows for an extra fine entry and greater efficiency at low speeds. The traditional GMD deep forefoot and warped hull bottom to low deadrise aft give a silky smooth ride and great load carrying abilities.

The total of 5,000l between the two live cray tanks gives capacity for 50 baskets of valuable catch, plumbed with experience by Fine Entry Marine to ensure minimal dead-loss. The 58m² workdeck holds 150 cray pots or 9.0 tonnes of deck cargo, in addition to the full live tanks.
Since beginning work, ‘Opah’ has proven to be a true performer carrying 140 pots and associated gear with full fuel at 17 knots @ 1900 RPM and only 60% engine load!

“We’ve had ‘Opah’ for about 6 months now, she is running well, stable at rest, punches into a head sea with ease, the crew are spoilt.  Fuel consumption is good, under 40 Lph over a working day , 100Lph  cruising at 18kn unloaded and about 130Lph at 18kn with full live tanks, 52 crates and 150 pots on the deck.  Great hull design by GMD.  After sales service  from Tim and the boys at Fine Entry Marine has been great, outstanding in fact.”

John Servaas, Owner

“Opah”, named after the sunfish, is set to give the Servaas family many tireless years of fishing out of Jurien Bay and the unforgiving West Australian coastline.

This vessel would be equally comfortable in a range of fishing, hydrographic survey, patrol, charter, work or eco tourism roles.

MK 15071

Marine Kit Number: MK 15071

  • Vessel Specifications
  • Hull Length
    18.90 m
  • Overall Length
    19.55 m
    64' 1"
  • Waterline Length
    17.90 m
    58' 9"
  • Beam
    6.00 m Moulded
    19' 8"
  • Draft @ Working Displ.
    1.74 m
    5' 8"
  • Working Displacement
    29.0 Tonnes
    63,950 lb
  • Light Displacement
    20.5 Tonnes
    45,200 lb
  • Deck height above Waterline
    1.07 m
    3' 6"
  • Bow Freeboard at rest
    2.37 m
    7' 9"
  • Fuel Capacity
    5,000 Litres
    1,320 Us. Gal.
  • Engine/s
    MAN V8 1200 with ZF510-1A 2.2:1
  • Total Installed Power
    895 kW
    1,200 hp
  • Sprint Speed
    44.5 km/hr
    24 Knots
  • Cruise Speed
    33.5 km/hr
    18 Knots
  • Structure
  • Bottom Plates
    6 mm
  • Side Plates
    5 mm
  • Main Deck Plates
    5 mm
  • Foredeck Plates
    5 mm
  • Superstructure Plating
    4 mm (4 mm Roof)
    5/32" (5/32")
  • Nominal Frame Spacing
    675 mm
    2' 2"
  • Aluminium Delivery Pack Dimensions
  • Length
  • Breadth
    7' 6"
  • Depth
  • Shipping Weight
    15.9 Tonnes
    35,000 lb

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