Built by Colin Smith Boat Builders from an all-new GMD Marine Kit, Maximum Achiever is the spiritual successor to Stan Priddles’s 54′ GMD designed vessel “Quiet Achiever” as well as other successful vessels such as “Mystique” and “Aqua Jade”.  With a more upright stem, finer entry, wider reverse chines and more we’ve included a decade of design refinement to the hull shape while maintaining the clasically beautiful lines.
Initial sea trials in a 15-20 knot westerly gave 25 knots sprint at 2300rpm from the 900hp Scania, cruising at 19 knots and 1800rpm.  Skipper Ben Wilson, who oversaw the fitout, tells us the vessel is smooth and comfortable, turns well and runs very dry. Joking he hasn’t had a chance to test the wipers yet!
Our rock lobster fishing hulls are extremely seaworthy and efficient, making them ideal for many fisheries, charter, patrol and workboat duties.

MK 18101

“Wanbangu” – 19m (62′) Monohull

This 19m multi role pilot boat was designed from the keel up by GMD launched in 2021 for Auriga Pilots and operates out of the port of Dampier in Western Australia.

The soft riding hull exhibits exceptionally clean and dry running, with a sprint speed of 30 knots and comfortable cruise speed of 25 knots.

The resiliently mounted wheelhouse makes for quiet and comfortable transits with noise levels of just 65dB, about as loud as a conversation!  The layout makes great use of interior space and includes a stairwell to below decks, a large shower/wc, mess area and accommodation for four.

The hulls structure is designed to Lloyds SSC class rules, meaning this design would be suitable for most IACS class authorities with little to no modification.  The arrangment would also make for an excellent crew transfer,  patrol or harbor support vessel.

MK 19021