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Marine Kits is your online guide of proven designs in kit form. Marine Kits Australia is a division of Global Marine Design (Headed by Gavin Mair), located in Henderson, WA, the design professionals that over many years have developed a technique of transferring their most successful vessels into pre-cut aluminium kit boats.

Easily constructed by you, your builders or our Marine Kits Assembly Team you will have the peace of mind that your boat will comply with appropriate and recognised design standards. We also supply hand over vessels through our network of affiliated builders.

The team are a group of naval architects, engineers and marine enthusiasts, dedicated to designing builder - efficient and export friendly kits for the world’s marine industry.

Marine Kits is a symbol of modern designs combined with cost effective boat building techniques. From runabouts to passage makers, we can supply pre-cut comprehensive packages, or if you’re looking for something a little different we can custom design it for you.


"Marie Pierre" - 12.5m Work Catamaran

"Salt Shaker 480" - New Video

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Feature Product

"Gardian 1" - 20m Alicat Wind Farm Catamaran - MK 09051

Based on our highly successful jet cat "Sea Stryder" in this same category, the "Gardian" has been specifically developed for the rapidly growing UK and European Wind Farm market place and was built by our UK agent Alicat Workboats, a subsidiary of Gardline Shipping.
The hull is designed with keels and twin propellers, but can be built with twin waterjet propulsion. The propeller vessel achieved a genuine 30 knots in trials off Southampton in June 2010. Caterpillar have since re-programmed the engines from 1800 to 2100 RPM and as a trade off we lost 2 knots off the top speed and picked up a heap of bollard pull.
The design is fully approved to Det Norske Veritas DNV and was built to UK MCA code for Cat 2 vessels 60 miles offshore and 4 metre seas.
These boats can be supplied direct from our builders waterfront facility in the UK. Please see contact details in the additional details below.

Youtube link is here.

Look at at our trials data with the 2100 RPM rating :
Knots RPM Fuel (LPH) Load (%)

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